Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Episode 2

This week we had a mini hurricane but we still managed to bring you an episode we hope you enjoy. Next week we'll have reviews on Call of Juarez by Allenshok and Blazblue by Icomeinpeace.

Direct Download: http://www.archive.org/download/Episode2_12/amospodcast02.mp3

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Episode 1

Crazy start to the first podcast. We touch on the upcoming Wii release "Tatsunoko vs Capcom" not coming out for PS3 until the sequel, threats from Activision for a price drop, the latest bundle/what we think would make a great bundle and our thoughts on a blog asking if violence is necessary to make a good game. In between that we manage to show some love to "Destrega", a PS1 classic fighting game that desperately needs a sequel. The show ends with us going over what we've been playing and a little trash talk and challenge sent out to everyone. Enjoy!

direct download: http://www.archive.org/download/Episode1_18/angrymanonthesidepodcast01.mp3