Monday, November 30, 2009

Episode 15

Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their families and an abundance of good food. Today we start out the show talking about what we've been playing...or I guess you could say what we haven't been playing. We then go over the news and wind up in a discussion about why games don't hold up like they used to. After covering titles from NES to PS2 Allenshok rants about being a sellout and what will happen when he starts working for Activision. Enjoy!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Episode 14

It's good to be back and it seems this new schedule is going to work out just fine...for now. This time around we ponder why Activision wont let you heal before bending you right back over for round 2 and if everyone will accept their "punishment" again. Then the inevitable premium psn discussion and if it's something to be outraged about begins. Before we talk about what we've been playing we go over a couple of great black friday ps3 bundle deals for you guys totake advantage of. Enjoy!!!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Episode 13

Wassup everyone, Needless to say we have a new schedule that we explain in this episode. From now on shows should be up no later than Monday night. After Allenshok "justifies" his part in our new schedule we head towards a mountain of news starting with the video download service in the playstation store. We then go over the future plans of gamestop and what Activision has in store for us next year...again. After briefly talking about EAs commitment to new IPs we compare the EA of old to the Activision of the present and if they're actually worse than EA ever was. Allenshok ends the show with a review of Tekken 6 and his impressions of DBZ: Raging Blast and Modern Warfare 2. Enjoy!!!

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Episode 12

Wassup everyone. Today on the podcast we talk about Netflix finally coming to the ps3 and what Microsoft had to say about it, why devs release a game they know is garbage from day 1 and why Marvel UA2 is releasing dlc that still doesn't make it as good as it was why are we paying for it? After a fe wmore news stories we talk about the importance of a stable connection and what it's worth before Allenshok starts rambling on about his uncut podcast,people's dirty laundry and nasa. I plead the 5th..

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